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 Post subject: The Mysteries of Glorwing
PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:21 pm 
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The mysteries are the unexplainable forces that influence the World of Wilwarin. Mere mortals (PCs) have only a rudimentary grasp of the mysteries and how they affect one another. Each force is dependent upon the other forces to make the world as it is. These Mysteries are channeled by all being in Wilwarin, and explain how some have supernatural powers. At character creation, a character may opt to take one of these Mysteries in lieu of worshiping a deity. This does not mean the character does not believe in the gods, only that he does not worship one.

The Mysteries:

The Mystery of the Arcane - The arcane forces of Wilwarin contain the raw magic forces that wizards, sorcerers, bards, dragons and other truly magic creatures wield power over. Theologians continue to debate on its origin and how to define it. In some cases it lies within the individual and in others can be accessed by beings with intense training. (Mages, Sorcerers, Bards, Dragon Disciples, Arcane Archers, and Pale Masters)

The Mystery of the Divine - Divine power is most frequently accessed by the gods themselves to grant the wishes, hopes, dreams, and prayers of their faithful. The mystery of the divine cannot be fully explained and most followers are content to follow their faith and be rewarded by their chosen god. Divine power is not solely limited to the gods but is their primary way of interaction with their worshipers. (Priests, Clerics, Paladins, Blackguard, Druids*, Rangers*, Shifters)

The Mystery of Spirit - The spirit resides in all living beings. The ability to control the spirit is highly sought after gift. What truly makes the spirit what it is will always be a debate. Those who have mastered discipline of the spirit find an intense focus which greatly enhances their abilities. (Monks and Weaponsmasters)

The Mystery of Nature - Nature surrounds all beings in Wilwarin and intertwines with the other forces. Nature is a force that lies within the elements, the creatures, and life itself. Those who thrive in nature find a unique ability to influence the world through its power. The affinity developed by these people through intense training allows them certain abilities to adjust to their surroundings and draw from its power. (Druids, Rangers, Shifters*)

The Mystery of Darkness and Light - "The Shadows lie in between." the true nature of darkness and light is a mystery that has been fostered from the bedtime stories of children to exploits of the gods themselves. Is darkness merely the absence of light or is it something more? (Shadowdancers)

The Undefined - Wilwarin's brightest minds theorize that there may be other forces at work binding these four mysteries together.

Rogues, Fighters, Barbarians, and Dwarven Defenders do not draw their abilities from any Mysteries. Their skills and focuses are not supernatural in nature.

*Druids and Rangers can draw power directly from nature, or from a divine agent. This choice should be explained in the character's biography.

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