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 Post subject: Shifters
PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:18 pm 
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While nearly the entire pantheon has Sacred Knights to be the Holy Warriors chosen by their deity for favor, Mysilvia has her Shifters. Shifters represent the highest order of favor among her followers and are revered in nature circles in the same manner as Paladins.

A shifter has no form they call their own. Instead, they clothe themselves in whatever shape is most expedient at the time. While others base their identities largely on their external forms, the shifter actually comes closer to their true self through all of their transformations. Of necessity, their sense of self is based not on their outward form, but on their connection to Mysilvia, which is truly the only constant about them. It is the inner strength of that connection that enables them to take on any shape and remain themselves on the inside.

Becoming a Shifter takes a very special individual that holds no connection to their bodies. They must give up the traditional sense of self and become one with all of nature, and Mysilvia. It is through this spiritual connection that they can become any animal that they view. It should be noted, that they actually BECOME the animal whose form is taken, it is not a mask they wear or a costume of sorts. They truly take on the abilities and characteristics of the being whose form they shift into, while retaining their own consciousness, memories, and abilities. The truly epic shifters are able to reproduce an individual person they observe for a period down to every detail they are able to see from birthmarks, tattoo's, and other physical abnormalities. However, it should be noted they do not gain the INDIVIDUAL power, memories, or knowledge, of the person, they just gain the general abilities of the race and the physical outward appearance of the person.

There is no avenue for becoming a shifter outside the complete dedication and devotion to Mysilvia.


Hit Die: d8
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.
Proficiencies: Shifters gain no additional proficiencies
Primary Save: Fortitude, Reflex
Base Attack Bonus: 3/4


Alignment: Any
Feats: Alertness
Other: Must have an ability to change shape (i.e. Druid Wildshape)
God of worship: Mysilvia OR Nature Mystery

Once we thought we lived as one
As content as anyone
The world was right here at our doorsteps

But overnight the line was drawn
A wall disfigured the break of dawn
Divided into two unequal portions

Land of glory and construction
Versus curfew and corruption
Life would never be the same again
Forced from freedom to restrictions
Refugees on deadly missions
Life would never be the same again

There's a longing to get out
But it's forbidden to say it out loud
Someone's watching every move we make

It's hard to rise and make a stand
with fiery armies in command
But rest assured we're still alive and dreaming...

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