Shadow Dancers
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Author:  Aperion [ Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Shadow Dancers

Shadow Dancer

The plane of shadow is as much of an enigma as it is dark and mysterious. It exists parallel to the material plane and it mirrors every aspect of it with a landscape of shadows, grays and blacks. Their are rare points where the material and the shadow plane intersect. These intersection points are areas of weakness between the mysterious force that keeps the two planes separate and serve as doorways for those beings that know how to exploit them.

There are those that learn the art of entering and leaving the plane of shadow at will. These people, the Shadow Dancers, spend a great deal of time learning how to bend shadows to their will, how to step from the material plane into the world of Shadow, and back again. It takes great effort and research to be able to move back and forth between the planes, but eventually the Shadow Dancer becomes able to disappear from sight with just a thought. Their abilities progress with being able to identify and exploit the truly weak points of the barrier between the planes and progresses to the point where they can enter the plane of shadow at any point of their choosing regardless of the strength of the force that keeps the two planes separated. The truly powerful Shadow Dancers are said to have spent so much time among the shadows, they literally become a Shade. A shade is a being composed of both material and shadow plane components. They begin to actually exist in the middle between the two worlds and are able to come and go between both areas as they please.

The Shadow Dancers that have provided details of their forays into the Shadow Plane are rare. They describe it is not unlike the material plane in composition and landscape, though it is composed entirely from the black, white and gray spectrum and everything seems to be encased in a strong haze. None will share their secrets without cause or desire to do so.

Due to the secrecy and rarity of their abilities and knowledge, there is no standard way of receiving training. Many begin as rogues working the shadows and seek stronger ways to remain hidden. Some begin as monks using their zen like states to focus on the plane of Shadow and learn its secrets, and a rare few even begin as mages seeking magical solutions to entering and leaving the shadow plane.


Hit Die: d8
Skill Points at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier.
Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, light armor
Primary Save: Reflex
Base Attack Bonus: 3/4


Alignment: Any
Feats: dodge, mobility
Skills: hide 10 ranks, move silently 8 ranks, tumble 5 ranks

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