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 Post subject: History of the Ancients (Before the Rift)
PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 9:01 am 
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The History of the Ancients (people on Wilwarin before the rift) as translated by Candor Thorne, Archmage and Historian:

The history of the Ancients

In the world of Wilwarin, long before the rift, lived a mighty race. They were spread throughout the world, even in what we now know today as Glorwing. This mighty race was peaceful for the most part, only having minor difficulties (as do all peoples) that were settled in unarmed sparring matches.

Then came the mighty mage Wehan. Unlike his people, his anger caused him to weave subterfuge to try to gain power. He was patient; his people lived on average 250 years. As his plans came to fruition, a young girl was born to a common family. Yet the girl was not common at all; in fact, she was destined to become one of the mightiest of all. Mightier even than the fabled Rae, the Huntress, Goddess of the People.

Kyra grew up quickly, fully trained in the ways of her people and as a warrior for Rae. Skilled in healing and wisdom, the beautiful girl could have her choice of any mate.

Wehan, not content with the Huntress, was tempted by De, the Dark One. Working in secret in a chamber not far from the castle he called home, he sacrificed others to De. Under De's influence, Wehan crafted two orbs of power. Weaving powerful magicks never tried before, he imbued them with many powers. Wehan's followers, both mage and priest, weaved enchantments so dark that if the orb were touched by flesh it would darken the bearer's heart.

Rae, knowing she could not intervene directly, came to Kyra in a dream and told her of the orbs. Bidding her to rid the world of them, she strengthened Kyra's soul and gave her a pair of gloves that would allow her to touch them. Kyra, frightened by the dream, told Voli, the Archmage of the realm. He dismissed her, knowing well that no magicks existed to create such an item.

One morning, Kyra was in the Burial mounds praying at the temple of Rae, giving the traditional offering of bread and wine in remembrance of her ancestors. She felt a trembling in the earth and an uneasiness that caused her fear. Running back through the maze of graves, she went to the gate...but the gate was gone. As far as she could see from North to South, the wall was complete. In her frustration, she ran to where she found a ladder in the opening to the Burial Chamber. Climbing down, she whispered apologies at having to disturb the rest of the dead. Making her way back across Riverness, her first clue was when she ran in to get a key from the keymaster. Where her uncle had sat earlier, only a skeleton remained. She grabbed a key from the desk and activated the magic portal to take her home.

The scene was devastating. No one was left alive. Making her way through the castle, she found piles of bones everywhere. Tears flowed freely as the beautiful castle that was once her home now lay empty. She made her way down to the dungeons and walked along. Eventually she found the cause of it all; the charred remains of Wehan. Holding an orb in either hand, his skeleton stood, fused in place by the apparent blast of magic. Kyra fell down and wept; never would she again see the smiling faces of her family and friends.

Once her grief had been spent, she was reminded of what Rae had bid her to do. Taking a magical bag from her pack and putting on her gloves, she removed the orbs from the skeletal hands and wrapped them before placing them in the bag. Turning, she began her way back to her room, where she grabbed her weapons and belongings, before beginning her journey.

Over the next months, Kyra made her way south, burying the two orbs hundreds of miles apart. She chose spots near two sets of stones that had a glow to them, thinking that the magic of the stones would protect them. Weakening, she made her way back north to a place near the sea. Resting her back against another of the set of stones that glowed, she sat and ate a handful of berries and drank some water while she watched the waves crash against the shore. Soon she was asleep.

She dreamed she was in a place where many of the glowing stones were. Standing next to her was a woman wearing leather carrying a large bow. As she looked in awe of her surroundings, Kyra felt the eyes of her companion upon her.

"You have done well, my daughter."

Kyra's eyes filled with tears. "But my friends..."

"Ah, mortality is such a burden to bear. But, my daughter, be at peace. Northwest of where you sleep over two mountain ranges lies a sleepy village with some of your family. Your father's cousin will take you in and care for you. He will see you through the birth of your child."

Kyra's eyes widened. "Child? But I..."

The woman smiled. "It is my gift to you, my daughter. You will be a mother before your time comes to join your ancestors. But even then, you will come to me. I will honor you above all others because you are my Champion."

Not being able to get past the thought that she was with child, Kyra glanced around. "Where are we?"

The woman smiled. "You are neither on your world nor away from it. When the mage activated the orbs, he caused many things beyond his death. Your people will live as the undead until their murderer receives his true punishment. He also tore the Weave, the great power that gives us magic. In doing so, he created this place. From here you can magically transport to other places where the stones glow. But he also affected the Weave so that there may be consequences in other worlds for such a time as it repairs itself.

"Now rest, my daughter...within a sevenday you will be with your family. I will not see you again until your end, but fear not; you walk in my name." Kyra woke up feeling somewhat refreshed. Following the path told to her she made her way to her cousin Lian's home.

Month's later, as Kyra held her newborn son wrapped in a purple cloak, she kissed his forehead before drifting off to sleep, never to waken again.

Lord Candor Thorne
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