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 Post subject: The Quiet God
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The Quiet God

The Liberator

Spheres of Influence: Freedom, the Natural Cycle, and Fighting Oppression
Symbol: A silver dragon curled into a circle



Requirements for Worship:
Those that follow the Quiet God must devote themselves to fighting oppression, they must value all there is to life and the natural circle. Followers usually have alignments that does not restrict personal freedom (NG,CG,TN,CN).

Clerical Domains: Required: Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Strength
Optional: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Good, Healing, Plant, Protection, Strength, Sun, Water
Banned: Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, War

Noted followers and faithful: {{WIP}}.

The Liberator's Words (Sacred Items)
The Silver Pipes: These pipes where found by multiple followers of the Quiet God, Each of them unique yet similar. All of them had engraved upon them in multiple languages: "Let all who know my name find freedom." Also a strange Candelabra object was found in which the pipes could be set. When a followers uttered their own name the strange instrument would play.

The Liberator's Heart (Places of worship)
Quiet God's Temple: Located within the Darkwoods.

Breaths: The Breaths are small shrines, such as the Hostel in the Darkwoods, or the small shrine in the Temple of the Sun in Port Sunrise.

The Church in War
The Church of the Quiet God was largely quiet and uninvolved during the War of the Sun. Followers of this one share a universal dissatisfaction with war and most reasons for engaging in it. For them to mobilize, it seems they require a strictly defined enemy, obtainable goals, and a timeframe. Past that, they refuse to enjoin themselves in total war, such as was the War of the Sun, preferring to help in smaller ways, especially with individuals who may lose their way in such conflict. Anyone they can save and remove from war is a life worth saving.

  • The Church of The Helmsman (Neutral) These Knights have become bold in recent years, they are not to be trifled with.
  • The Church of The Sun Goddess (Allied) They stand divided in their own house, but that does not mean they should be abandoned to their own fate.
  • The Church of Brannegarr (Neutral) Kept to their own devices, they are harmless at worst, innovative at best. In time, we could become friends or great allies.
  • The Church of Justin (Neutral) We commend their goals, even if they are short-sighted ones.

  • The Church of Mysilvia (Allied) She is the life of all things and such the church understands the value of life itself.
  • The Church of The Death God (Neutral) They understand the natural circle that one must die. That does not mean we are friends with the Undertakers, only that we understand.
  • The Church of Cyparthia (Friendly) They understand the importance of enjoying life and fulfillment within it. Our end-results are strikingly similar, even if our methods are fundamentally different.
  • The Church of The War Triad (Neutral) They have struck a balance that is comforting and frightening at the same time. We remain wary, as one wrong step, and these ones will destroy themselves and everything around them.

  • The Church of Tyrannos (Hated) They step on the weak to elevate themselves, a very self-serving way to acquire quick power, and lose it.
  • The Church of Ravenos (Hated) They tried to devour this world in hellfire and failed once. Now they are caught in a downward spiral of their own making. They will not be missed.
  • The Church of Asoth Thal (Hostile) They think they use the undead, but it is the living who are being used by the undead.
  • The Church of Ruhn Alesi (Neutral) Their methods are questionable, but they are not beyond understanding.


Alignment: The Quiet God is chaotic neutral in nature

Appearance: There are no known records of anyone ever encountering the Quiet God.

Known Powers and Practices: The god has been known when acts of freedom have been committed to reveal the location of artifacts that one day may help reveal the gods true name to his followers. Also reports have been made that when a messenger has been sent to speak to his followers, the messenger takes the form of the person to whom they are speaking with.

Fellowships of The Sun Goddess:
(None at this time)

Biography wrote:
The Quiet God is an ancient god within the realm. It is also rumored that he is the son of the Sun goddess, yet there has never been any proof to support these claims.

He revels in the free, unobstructed growth of natural life where no laws or rules can get in the way. He also stands for the natural cycle which embodies birth, life,death and rebirth. It is well known that those of his faith will hunt those that go against this such as the undead.

It was in a time many centuries ago that the population knew the lord of freedom name, it was also back then in which the god held much greater power than what he does now yet in the struggle between the gods a dark power who's identity was never recorded somehow stole the gods greater powers and removed the knowledge of his name.

Yet still many held to his worship, free thinkers and frontiersmen, artists and philosophers, rogues, and rangers. They are those that chafe under the harsh rule of laws crafted to control others rather than let them free to realize their potential. Laws that seek to subvert the natural energy of life whether those laws be founded in good intentions or evil.

And so the time came for this Lord of Freedom to return and he chose a priest for his service, his first priest since his fall. His choice was not a man or woman of power but a thrall, an elf of a clan enslaved by the Drow, driven to madness through loss and suffering in his childhood This is the seed from which this new god, this old god, raised his Church. Liberated from slavery and freed of madness this first priest initiated the Quest for his god’s name that is now recorded in the annals of the history of Glorwing. More Priests and Priestesses were called by this rising god, and more followers were gathered, and a great Temple was raised in Darkwoods.

His followers grew slowly and became more organized and raised a hostel within the Darkwoods a place where people could come find shelter, food and warmth for those who were oppressed or homeless.

It was believed that only when the followers of this Quiet god acquired wisdom and understanding of their deity would they know the Quiet god's name and gain full access to his patronage. Only then would he fully manifest again in Glorwing.

In time, arising from many acts in the service of Freedom, artifacts were found that held promise for revealing the name of this lost god. Pipes wrought of silver engraved with the words in all languages: Let all who know my name find freedom. Each pipe was unique and individual to its finder. Also found was a strange candelabra like object into which these pipes could be set.

In this way and through wisdom learned in their quest for the name of their god they discovered the secret of that which had been lost. But that secret was not their gods name. They learned, rather, what was meant by the words "Let all who know my name find freedom." That their god's name was the name of each person who acted for freedom, and this god of life and its liberty was not defined or bound by a name. Truly he was the Quiet god.

The artifacts they had found were formed into a strange and beautiful instrument, a device sacred to their god, from which music rose when the followers that had found the pipes uttered their own names, and power was unleashed proclaiming the return to Glorwing of this lost god.


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