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Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules of Glorwing

On behalf of Glorwing's staff and players, hello and welcome to Glorwing! We've collected a bunch of information that lets new players find out everything they need to know about GW before getting in game.

If anything in any of these threads isn't clear, please do ask us. Any of the staff will be able to answer your questions (or find out the answer!) for you.

I think it's only fair to explain why we ask you spend time reading...

- Glorwing has a set of rules that preserve the character of Glorwing, and keep its distinctive flavor that many, many people have enjoyed.

- As a new player, it's hard to understand what sort of character you should make to fit into the Glorwing. This information and the bio process will make it easy to create characters who will fit in.

When you get to create your bio please follow these rules:

:arrow: Bios must be submitted by level 5 for all alignments except for evil characters who must be pre-approved.
:arrow: Religious characters (Clerics, Paladins, Blackguards, etc.) must select a deity and a related domain from those listed for the deity.
:arrow: All evil characters must have bio approval before being played.
:arrow: Evil characters will only be allowed to existing players.
:arrow: Players who wish to play Evil and/or Chaotic characters must respond to the specific questions regarding their character's behaviour.

Having a bio helps us get to know you, the sort of character you wish to play, and allows you the opportunity to flesh out your character. Not everyone can write a master's thesis of a character bio, and we understand that. If you stay within the guidelines, the worst that we can do is ask a few questions and the results will be worth the effort.

One last thing to remember about creating a character here; memorable, enjoyable characters are defined by -who- they are not -what- they are. We don't allow characters from non-standard races for precisely this reason. Your character doesn't need to be half-demon / half-angel to be fun to play and interact with - but they do need to have a personality!

Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

The Basics of Glorwing:

These rules apply equally to the forums as well as in the game.

Rule #1: Glorwing is not for your enjoyment alone. It exists to provide entertainment to ALL players and staff. Keep this in mind please. If you cause others grief repeatedly you'll be banned.

Rule #2: Focus on providing FUN for others instead of FUN for yourself, if we all do that, the amount of FUN for all of us is maximized. We can prove it mathematically.

Rule #3: Rule #1 isn’t a defense, but a goal. Do not defend YOUR actions by claiming Rule #1 as a defense for personal RP.

These rules do not cover every loophole. Just try to follow the spirit of the rules and don’t exploit the module. Exploiting includes such behavior as farming (waiting for bosses or treasure to respawn), or taking advantage of problems in or limitations of the module to gain advantage for your character.


Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

Rules in-game
Many of these rules were handed down by the original creator, Cornflower. However, these rules are always subject to change. When they are, they will be updated here.

Roleplayed special powers beyond what the game engine allows
You cannot RP special powers that the game engine does not support i.e. you cannot RP that you can fly.

Use OOC TELL to inform people you're disguised. Or even OOC speak. Since they can see your name, they know it's you OOC anyway.

We can argue about the right way to make disguise/discover checks all week and not go anywhere. It comes down to smell/sound/body language/auras/whatever, so why not use this:

Bluff vs Spot

About talk modes:
When you talk, you use talk mode.
When you're OOC, you use party mode or tells, so as not to disturb others.
Party Chat: This is highly recommended during DM events to keep the DM apprised of what's going on. It is not recommended that you use it for IC conversations where other players may come across your group unless a DM tells you to since this may appear to be OOC unfriendly.
If you want to say something that others shouldn't overhear, you use whisper mode. Or, emote that *whispers so that only Nisse can hear*, but I'd really prefer if you use whisper mode. That's the reason it exists, you know.
The use of Shout is highly discouraged.

About quests:
The quests were designed to give a single player something to do, and to show you around the world. If you're a party, you'll need to run the quests several times, once for each member of the party.

Note that you can't pick up the lvl 1-4 quests if you level up to lvl 5, so you need to pick up the quests before leveling.

There are also several hunting areas (no boss, no quest) suitable for low levels. Ask in game and you'll find out.

Farming And Boss Kills:
You're not supposed to sit around in the boss room and wait for the boss to respawn so next person in the party can kill him. Neither are you supposed to wait for chest respawns. That's farming, and not OK.

When the boss goes down, you have two choices; either go back the way you came, or use the quick-exit and start over.

About time:
Here's the official answer from the last time we had a discussion on time.

Cornflower wrote:
You're all wrong, of course.... :wink:

We started Glorwing in year 100.

Although, due to the extreme fluctuations in the inter dimensional space-time continuum, you shouldn't assume that time is linear, that time runs at the same pace regardless of geography/gender/race/temper/love. That's all just superstition. Glorwing is a place where suddenly a city or a person can appear/disappear due to a fluctuation in the inter dimensional space-time continuum (aka "rift").

The official timescale is time as it passes by definition in the Kingdom and has nothing to do with time as you and I perceive it in game.

Or short: If you're looking for logic and consistency in a world where people have wings, converse with animals or fight dragons, you're up for a great disappointment.

General Role-play:
Certain types of RP have far-reaching consequences and therefore require DM or Admin approval. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Deity manifestations
Deity manifestations are very rare. In Glorwing, a deity's strength is drawn directly from the faith of their followers -- the more followers and prayers, the more powerful the deity. Thus only those deities with player-based churches have the ability to manifest directly, i.e. appear before their followers or speak to them.

Messages or signs from deities through other means (messengers, NPC prophets, dream visions, ancient texts, etc.) can be slightly more common, though are still infrequent. These should be part of a DM quest or at least approved by a DM first. Note there is a difference between "I believe my god would want me to do this" (no problem) and "My god said to me, 'Bob, go forth and bring me Jane to be my slave.'" (needs a DM).

Possession by demons, characters becoming undead, portraying doppelgangers, etc.
Possessions or roleplay involving being undead, or being “infected” by a werewolf should happen only as part of a DM event or with Admin approval prior to the beginning of the RP.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to contact a DM or Admin, or post in the Quest Request forum.

Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

In Character vs. Out of Character
Please stay in character at all times. If you have never met someone then you do not know their name until introduced. Those floaty names above their heads do not exist.

If you must talk OOC do so in party chat, the OOC Room or in a private home. If a DM asks you to stop talking OOC in party talk then go to a private home or the OOC room. Remember DM's can hear your party chat.

Don't use OOC information in game. Use only the information your character knows.

About Language:
:arrow: Do not swear.
:arrow: If someone asks you to stop using a certain word because they find it offensive, please stop.
:arrow: You can be “speciest” in character and hate dwarves/elves all you like. But, be careful to not harass the PLAYER behind the character. Rule #1 applies. This does not give you the right to kill them.
:arrow: You are not allowed to express dislike for same sex relationships.

Glorwing is an RP server not a cybersex module

You can pick-pocket other players only if they have agreed OOC first to be "pick-pocketable". Do not use the IG pickpocket skill. Instead, roll your pickpocket skill against their spot skill, and have them give you an item or gold if you succeed.

No Flaming!
Everyone can share their opinions freely on the forums provided that they do so politely and do not disparage (make fun of) other people's remarks or the people who made them. If you can't say something nicely whilst respecting other people and their opinions on the forums then don't say it all until you have calmed down enough to post or even PM sensibly. ;)

Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:21 pm ]
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Player vs Player
The server is set to "Full PvP" because "friendly fire" should harm your party-members if you are sloppy with distance-weapons and spells. This is NOT because players should kill each other all the time.

Players should not rp provoking behavior and then say "I don't want to PvP" - if you have provoked something IC you must be prepared to live with it IC.

Please be mindful of other people in your rp and remember that not everyone will want to engage in verbally aggressive rp so please respect a request to stop.

If you wish to engage in RP motivated PvP set the player to Hostile, then wait for one of the following responses:

Saying No to the PvP... That player will then turn off hostile and send you a brief message telling you "no" to the PvP. You must accept this answer and can not force the issue. Not all wish to engage in PvP, please respect their wishes.

Agreeing to PvP... If they wish to engage in PvP, they will un-hostile and then re-hostile your character (or send a /tell consenting to the PvP). PvP may then commence.

The following are not RP motivations to kill another character...
  • Insults: you may get angry and reply in kind, but it is not motivation to kill someone.
  • The character is a certain species but not acting in a hostile manner. Again.. insult but not kill.
  • Walking around picking fights.

The most important rule of all... Rule One. Before engaging in PvP ask yourself will this be fun FOR THE OTHER PLAYER and will they enjoy this or will it only be fun for me. If you are uncertain, ASK FIRST.

Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

What WILL happen if you violate the rules?

Warnings and docking of levels may be done at DM discretion.
Harsher penalties (banning a player or a character's perma-death) must be ratified by Administration.
  • Step 1: 1st warning.
    This warning includes explanation of the violation, via PM, IM or IG and what happens the next time you break the rules (temporary banishment from the game and/or forums, etc.).
  • Step 2: 2nd warning.
    Second warning, via PM, IM, or IG, accompanied by a temporary server and/or forum ban with conditions to return specified.
  • Step 3: Banishment.
    You are banned from both the game and the forums and will be asked to find a new server.

The above are guidelines only. Each situation is handled individually and at the discretion of the staff.

Grounds for immediate discipline (including banning)
The following violations are considered serious and are subject to immediate Administration review. This review process could lead to an immediate player ban or character removal:
:arrow: The RP or RP background of Rape. Rape does not exist in Glorwing and may not be used in any form.
:arrow: Inappropriate sexual based roleplay, to include minors (characters or players) and the RP of incest. If consensual between players, all players involved will be disciplined. If not, see the first point above on Rape.
:arrow: Inappropriate IG use of OOC information.
:arrow: Continued exploiting of the limitations of the game engine, rules or module.
:arrow: Farming (waiting for re-spawn of bosses and treasures)
:arrow: Muling (passing items/money from one of your characters to one of your friend's, your other characters, or a duplicate (restarted) copy of your own character)
:arrow: Not cooperating with staff investigating reports of exploiting the rules
:arrow: IG PvP without valid RP motivation and not following PvP guidelines.
:arrow: The RP of character suicide either in game or on the forums.

Author:  marybee [ Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:27 pm ]
Post subject: 


Wilwarin World Wiki New Player's Guide

In cases of discrepancy of information, then the Glowing Forums take precedence, this would usually be in the form of an official posting. (i.e. sticky or announcement)

Author:  Erik O'Siodhachain [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules of Glorwing

** BUMP **

Some minor updates, simplifications, and clarifications.


Author:  Candor [ Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules of Glorwing

Rules for Organizations:

* There are four types of player organizations: Guilds, Gangs, Nations and Churches
* A character may join one Guild and one Church, but is not restricted in the number of gangs he/she belongs to.
* A character may obtain and use both the guild and church custom item (see below for item details).
* Each Guild or Church must have at least four (4) dedicated members.
* Each player can be in multiple guilds with the permission of each guild leader. We trust that no OOC information will be used by the player for metagaming purposes since this would be against server rules.
* Before a player may be allowed to join a second guild it is recommended that they first serve a minimum of 1 month in the primary guild.
* Before a player may be allowed to join a third guild it is recommended that they first serve a minimum of 2 months in the secondary guild.
* The players of Official Guild Officers may not join multiple guilds but may join a Church, Gang and/or Nation.
* Nations are a special organization in which players may be invited/aspire to take leadership roles within certain Nations on Wilwarin. This DOES NOT include the ruling positions of said Nations, which will always be held by an NPC.

Guidelines for Forming a Group (Gang/Guild) or Church:


Anyone can start a gang. Just gather a few friends and invent a name for your gang. If you want to, you can order gang clothing from the TG. Players can belong to as many gangs as will accept them.


When your gang has been around for a few RL weeks and has a handful of regular members, you can apply for Official Guild Status. Apply IC to the ruler of the housing Nation, OOC to one of the Admins. If the Admins and DMs feel that your gang is stable and known for good RP, you may be granted Guild Status. When you're a Guild, you get a 6x6 guildhouse for free. More info in the TG rules. You also must pay taxes IC to the ruler of your housing Nation.
You can have one additional Official officer per 8 guild members. Note: Guild Leaders and officers are not counted.

You may have as many "non-official" officers as you wish to RP.

Anyone can start a Church targeted towards followers of one of the approved pantheon deities. These churches when they are first created follow the rules for gangs listed above, so the church will be able to order special clothing. The fledgling church, after gaining a handful of regular members and demonstrating good RP for a number of RL weeks, may petition to become a full church. Church rules are as gangs, with the following exception(s):

The high priest(ess) gets a special RP item for as long as they are high priest(ess).

Churches can have the gang clothing deal and will also get a low powered holy symbol.

NOTICE: Groups are considered inactive after 30 days: this will be monitored initially on the forums, then checked IG or through vault access dates. After 30 days of inactivity, there will be a warning post in the group forums with an additional 30 days to refocus, reform, and rebuild. If this does not occur, the group forums will be closed and all group housing/bank accounts removed from the game.

Group Gear:

1. Every Group gets one (1) free guildhouse for use as a headquarters or temple. This complimentary building will be no larger than a 6x6 area, with a wooden key door, small exterior, and one persistant storage chest. Any upgrades to this to include size increases, interior keyed doors (or increase in their difficulty), exterior change, or additional persistant storage will be at the cost of the guild.

2. Groups may choose to create one (1) specific item that represents their group and RP focus created by the Trade Guild. This item MUST have an RP background, MUST use properties that are relevant to that RP, and CAN exceed ILR boundaries if approved.

3. Guilds get a 10% discount from TG item purchases (not including Legacy items). Guild leaders and Official officers get a 20% discount off of TG item purchases (not including Legacy items). Group gear (RP items, uniforms) is the property of the Group, not the character. If the character leaves the group for any reason, the gear must be returned to the group.

Guilds may optionally allow others members that are not 'dedicated'. These members may participate in the guild activities as the guild determines however, they do not count towards the guild's dedicated membership and are not granted the guild's official item though they may wear the colors if approved by the guild.

Author:  marybee [ Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules of Glorwing

Updated some rules for clarity.

Placing this temporarily here so everyone can see what we have updated.

Additions as follows:
No Flaming! Everyone can share their opinions freely provided that they do so politely and do not disparage (make fun of) other people's remarks or the people who made them. If you can't say something nicely whilst respecting other people and their opinions on the forums then don't say it all until you have calmed down enough to post or even PM sensibly. ;)

Please be mindful of other people in your rp and remember that not everyone will want to engage in verbally aggressive rp so please respect a request to stop.

Party Chat: This is highly recommended during DM events to keep the DM apprised of what's going on. It is not recommended that you use it for IC conversations where other players may come across your group unless a DM tells you to since this may appear to be OOC unfriendly.

Author:  marybee [ Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules of Glorwing

Definitions of Flaming i.e. behaviour that will not be tolerated:
:arrow: Writing in an angry or aggressive manner that could cause offense to other people.
:arrow: Creating a post that is designed to hurt, belittle or insult another member of the community or another group in the community. Telling another member or group that they are unwelcome is an example of this and will not be tolerated.
:arrow: Stating that you are being honest and not wishing to start a flame war whilst clearly being vengeful or insulting will not be a valid excuse.

Example of what not to say:
I think you are stupid and crazy to think such a thing! How dare you!

Example of what to say instead:
I can understand your opinion, however, I do not agree with it because...

What will happen if I break these rules?
You will be given a formal warning and be expected to edit your post to meet with acceptable standards. Your post may be deleted if the level of offense is too great.
If you continue to post in a flaming manner you will receive a forum ban, time limit determined by Admin. Any other discipline as per rules.

Author:  marybee [ Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules of Glorwing

No class changes will be allowed without an approved bio update.

There are two types of rerolls. Partial reroll (dropping down to level 1 and then back to level 40) and full reroll (needing to recreate the character from scratch).

Partial Reroll (This option is NOT available to RDDs. RDD's MUST do a full reroll)

  • Contact a DM to arrange a meeting by posting in Reroll Requests
  • Have at least 2 million gold on your character
  • The DM will remove 2 million gold and drop you to level 1, at which point he will raise you back to level 40

Full Reroll

  • Contact a DM to arrange a meeting by posting in Reroll Requests
  • Have all of your gold on your character (must be at least 2 million) as well as up to 8 bags of items
  • Give all of your gold and up to 8 bags to the DM
  • Make the brand new level 1 character
  • The DM will keep 2 million of your gold but give the rest of the gold back along with the up to 8 bags of items
  • The DM will then raise you to level 40

Cost Exceptions

If your reroll is RP motivated and you are unable to raise 2 million gold by selling excess supplies or borrowing from friends, contact the DM team to see if they're willing to grant an exception. The DM's will only grant an exception if there has been extensive rp around a change. Cost exceptions will not be granted for people simply wishing to tweak their character's stats.

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