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 Post subject: Examples of approved full bios
PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:57 pm 
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One example:

Character name: Duncan Mc Duff
Gamespyid: niallmc1
Class: fighter/rogue
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: LN
Current Age: 208
Sex: Male
Description*: An ageing dwarf. Grey haired and balding though still with a decent beard. Tends to scowl a lot.
Guild affliliations: None (though leader of the Mc Duff Clan)
Deity Worshipped if any: none (though has respect fro Brannegar through Connors efforts)

Duncan came through the rift with his wife Mabel, their 3 sons at the time. Also in the party were DUncan's brother his wife and their newborn babe. FInding opportunities the clan set upa small mining operation with a workshop and a blacksmith included. Once settled they continued to have children, eventually ending up with 6 sons. Duncan's wife always wanted a girl but destiny seems to have conspired against them. (However, DUncan's opinion of his youngest son Owen is that he is a little girlish anyhow).

The clan ran a succesfull business. Surviving the occasional goblin raid and trading for goods with the dwarven community of Blacksilver a few days journey to the south of the mine. Recently, however, things got a bit tougher. Business started to dry up and the mine seemed to be running out. At this time Duncans youngest son Owen returned home having left a couple of years previously to make his fortune. His tales of the potential for a dwarf with the right attitude to make a name for himself tempted some of the clan to venture to Port Sunrise to se for themselves. Duncan decided he should go investigte too. If that runt of a son of his could do well there was no reason why he couldn't.

Leaving the business in his brother's hands for the time being Duncan set off along with Mabel. True enough there was plenty on offer and soon they had established a good reputation for being able to clean up problems. The bank account was also growing rapidly. Also the discovery of a new vein of black silver south of Blacksilver finally persuaded Duncan that the time was right to move the business on a permanent basis.

Duncan is gruff. He is a traditionalist and does not like to see some of the things that young folks these days have been getting up to. He feels every dwarf should be able to wield an axe properly (or at least a good hammer). He feels he is owed respect for his age and all he has been through. He likes things to be done in a neat orderly manner. He dislikes intensely the chaos which he has seen recently through the kingdom and feels someone just needs to step up and take control of the situation.

Despite what he might say, and how he might act, Duncan does care deeply for all of his family. He regrets that Mabel never got the daughter she wanted. He is happy that their oldest son Angus has had a daughter and now Mabel has a girl to be grandmother to. He is proud to be a Mc Duff, and expects every clan member to uphold the good name and values of the clan.

Yet another example. Now, don't mind this, it's terribly over-ambitious, but it's a past Lead DM. :wink:

Gamespy ID: Sovereign

Character Name: Torren Han-Lyle
Class: Druid/Cleric
Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Current Age: 28
Sex: Male

Guild Affiliations: None
Deity: Aene, the Iron God, The Seven-Eyed



His face is fresh and fairly young, within his first twenty years of life or so, but his eyes carry steely determination. With a face narrow and sharp features, he definitely brings to mind a predatory hawk. His voice is calm and assured, and rarely so pointed as his visage would suggest.

Torren habitually wears a set of silvered plate with a white hood and cloak, eschewing all other colours and hues. He never wears a helm, both because he believes it shows his faith in Aene and because he has no warrior background and finds the darkness and heat uncomfortable, lethally so.



Torren was born to Jansa Lyle and Temnon Han far outside of Crescent Bay, on a small farm named Dwenaryan Manor. Temnon Han was a carpenter whose greatest accomplishment in life was helping to build the Crescent Bay Bank, while Jansa oversaw a team of three young workers who ran the farm and helped in defence when it was needed. Set between two sloping hills, and being fairly unattractive land, Dwenaryon never needed much in the way of swords to fend against the too-often rampages. Janna and Temnon preferred to hand over any number of chickens or cows or oat sacks to have themselves and their family escape unscathed and without fighting.

Torren's memories of his childhood are misty at best, but he remembers at a young age he displayed no real aptitude for carpentry, but apprenticed to his father anyway. During one visit to Crescent Bay he met the woman he would one day marry, named Alaha Llowyseyia, a half-elven girl of barely thirteen years at the time. At this juncture, they were but friends, and grew close only after many years of intermittent conversation and sporadic outings. Thanks to Alaha's urgings, Torren finally gave up his half-hearted attempts at wood working, enrolling instead in a small Port Sunrise school intended to teach advanced subjects, most of it based off of pre-Glorwing texts that had come with different travellers. Since his parents did not trust in the power of the Stones, the journey was long and difficult and once complete, he did not see his family for some time, and at their urging, did not use the Stones to travel back.

    "Lo" quoth the student to his old school master,
    "There is nothing you can teach that I can't learn faster.

    "So?" calls the master to his young school child,
    "Here is something I can teach that you'll find quite wild."

Time passed, and Torren studied math, geometry, grammar, philosophy, magical theory, law, medicine, rhetoric, botany, and music composition, ending his studies after seven years. Through letters he communicated with Alaha and his parents, and in his second year promised to marry her when his studies were done. After learning to his satisfaction, he decided to become a grammar tutor and taught language to students in Port Sunrise while planning for his marriage to his childhood sweetheart. Seven months after beginning his career, she joined him in his new home and then promptly thereafter as his joyful partner, saying the vows in a tiny service at the Sun Temple. His parents came, and spent most of their stay trying to catch a glimpse of the king, since they did not visit the city very often.

Torren Han-Lyle became interested in law while teaching grammar, and partially due to the experience of Frizzle Fritz (ooc: I think) spent time researching the application of law in the kingdom. He found that little had been said on the subject for all of the century of life in Glorwing, and began sketching an idea for a novel dedicated to the subject.

Less than a year later, however, disaster struck. While walking along the southern beaches of Port Sunrise with his wife, Torren went ahead to find a good spot for a picnic (as well as making sure there was nobody in chainmail, green skin and a bad mood already there) while Alaha waded along the coast. Torren was never sure quite what happened, but believed it was something as inane as a moment of dizziness (such as Alaha got many mornings at that time). Regardless, when he came back she was tripped into the sea-green waves, drowned in less than a full foot of ocean water.

    "Oh?" says the teacher to the child's fast laughter
    "Its the first lesson to learn and last one to master."

    "Ho!" snorts the student to the old man's lines,
    "Show me the theory and it will soon be mine."

Torren did not take the seemingly meaningless death well, but then his equilibrium never was great. He tried to remain for a while in Port Sunrise and continue on his life, but rapidly found it too difficult. Less than a month after her burial, he locked the door of his house, picked up his book notes and a walking staff, and left the small city for parts unknown.

Never having fought much or lived in poverty, the jump was a painful and unexpected one, but a trial he gladly embraced, for it freed him of a haunting past ever dwelling in his thoughts. Travelling aimlessly and often starved, the young grammar tutor finally stumbled into the camp of a group of druids while stumbling through some shadow-draped corner of the world. His plight, quite frankly, woke kindness in them, and they took Torren in, and despite being quite old for instruction, did their best to teach him some tricks of nature to help him find his way in the forest life.

Torren at this time also drank in their philosophy, which centred on a balanced approach to life, and the interconnection between all living beings. The former city dweller found the tenets not only intriguing and deceptively deep, but a welcome salve to the crippling pain in his soul. It frustrated him that the druids had no books to offer him to tell him about the natural balance, finding such questions themselves amusing. Torren persisted, and kept the druids from their journey for ten nights, drinking in their lore about the world. When they left, Torren was a changed man, and exited the grove with more confidence than he had before, and perhaps would ever have again.

For a further four years, to the age of twenty-seven, he wandered in the wilderness, talking only rarely to druids when their paths crossed, but spending the great majority of it thinking of his book and attempting to forgive himself for his wife's death, and accept it as the druidic tradition suggested he ought to- after all, she had her beginning, time to live, and an end. What woman or man could ask for anything more? The thought consoled him no end.

Disaster, however, had tasted of the turned-druid's pain, and found it most enjoyable. While drinking water from an unnamed stream and far beyond the borders of Glorwing, Torren Han-Lyle was charged by a stag beetle protecting its lair, gored, and left for dead by the water, his blood seeping out of him like crimson comet tails.

    "No" quoth the master to his student that day,
    "You've forgotten some things can't be learned that way.

    "So you listen and you think that you've grown quite smart
    Yet if knew everything you'd know you have yet to start."

It was then that Aene came to him, as he lay delirious and dying. The God of Order seemed like an apparition, showing Torren how empty and meaningless his life had become, and how foolish and absurd the belief of the druids he had accepted so unquestioningly really was. If breath stirred in his lungs, he would have laughed, but instead the gape in his chest only bubbled grotesquely at his last despairing mirth. Aene, however, was not content to let the man die, and with a final fierce vision, struck Torren unconscious. When he woke, he found himself healed completely, as if it had never happened. At that moment, he gave his thanks to his patron, and promised to follow the commands which had come to him.

He spent another week travelling back to Port Sunrise, thinking as he went about all that had been shown to him. As he drew closer, he became more and more certain that what the god showed him was true and important. He entered into the city of his sorrows renewed, and finally free of the burden of his wife's death, although his love for her persisted.

Though he kept using druidic lore, he no longer thought of himself as a druid, and since Aene did not seem interested in holding services or rites, did not consider himself a priest. Instead, he was a man grateful for life and to a great power, remembering long-forgotten social graces and interests, drinking in life with a full and uncaring new vigour.


The Story So Far:

The two first people he met were Ed the Hunter and Hohtel Stonepriest, meetings he recalls still with vivid clarity. Determining that he needed to improve his skills both as a scholar and warrior to find his place in Glorwing, he experimented by doing work for Victor Lumens III. It was during his first fumbling attempts to learn swordcraft that he joined Huron Blackheart and Alia Desyon-Rodello in vanquishing a scheming dragon in Darkwoods, although Torren spent most of his time trying to keep a woman named Kesa Bard alive, who seemed even more inexperienced than he. However, in that time he found his power growing very quickly, and that overconfidence led him to finally be killed fighting giants south of Blacksilver City. Appearing in the Sun Temple was an incredible shock, although he had heard of the priest's charity before, and he paid them immediately every coin on his person. It turned out to be both fortune and disaster, as the trip introduced him to Ana Marshall, a shy, albino girl who had grown to womanhood in a secluded monastery.

With her help, Torren was able to complete his task, and grew to like the calm woman in the meantime. They spent more and more time in each other's company, until a moment of emotion recalled Torren's memories of Alaha. Having shared that pain with his companion, they went together in Lover's Park. While she slept in his arms afterwards, Aene sent his servant to Torren- an ugly spider called the Senex Weaver- who instructed him of a set of commands that Aene expected him to follow, which would be added to as he grew in holy power. One of them forbade intimate contact. Confused and enraged, Torren left, railing against his god for some time. Refusing to call his power in battle, he fell many more times. In the end, however, he resigned his fate to the desires of the Iron Lord, but avoided the city nonetheless, fearing to encounter Ana again: both because he did not wish to tempt his already weak resolve, and because her emotions were as fragile as her pale skin, and Torren found himself in a situation that no explanation seemed to be able to justify.

Return he did, to attend the wedding of his friend Keose and Kesa Bard, and that was the last time he saw Ana. Coming into the Cornerhouse, he had a chance to meet again with Ed the Hunter and a woman also called Ana, who was Commander of the Sun Guard. After talking for a while, he extracted himself to find his Ana, but she was gone, and never again appeared. Her friends could not say where she had gone, and after months of constant searching, he finally ceased to look.

He stayed in Glorwing after the wedding until the battle of the Breach, where he stood in the front lines against Tokena's minions. He was slain early on, and was left for dead, the Sun Temple reserving its powers for more experienced and key fighters. Most of his knowledge of the battle came from subsequent conversations with other warriors. Dissatisfied with his weakness, he departed again. A very long time passed before he came back, stopping by only once to ask Victor Lumens IV for use of his library and the honour of dedicating his book, still in infant stages, to him and his royal consort-soon-to-be-wife.

While passing through in order to buy supplies, he happened upon a young woman named Sindil Vendulin. Impressed by her nature and adroitness, he apprenticed her, and returned occasionally to offer her guidance and assistance. Torren found that his rapid rise to power and his unswerving loyalty to his god and the country was known among most of the creatures who troubled the fair nation, and though he tried to help his student and her friends learn swordcraft and battle tactics against the dark creatures of the land, at his approach they gathered whatever hosts they could, and his companions paid the price. Learning that lesson, he contented himself to moral and intellectual guidance, helping not only her, but many intrepid and unskilled adventurers.

During this time, he delved deeply into the nature of gods and religion, and conversed extensively with Clane Nu'lest, Raven Rodello, Alia Rodello, and also Hohtel Stonepriest and Orin Nevarr. The last's words he formed an intense dislike for, as he found in the popular Quiet God a repeat of the cyclical druidic philosophy that he had rejected and was anathema to Aene. Later on, that intellectual quarrel would fall on Alia and Sylphen Faileshade, who also displayed a tendency towards a similar view, although only druids in general earned Torren's animosity.

During his travels, he came across Mount Sorrows, and attracted by the ruins and the legends surrounding the place, investigated it, promptly dying and extracted only be the gracious aid of a Sun Priest and attendant guards. From that time on, he developed a complex relationship with the place, believing in a completely irrational fashion that Aene could not be beaten and therefore he was not being true to Aene. His obsession for defeating alone the horrors of that place is still alive and well, and despite eighteen attempts, he has not succeeded in proving to himself that he is worthy to be Aene's servant.

He has dealt with many people since returning for another stay in the land, helping young adventurers find their place in guilds (as his god deems pleasing) objectively, loaning money to starting hunters, and inquiring about every area of possible interest. Convinced that too many people have become caught up in the moment and forget that the advance of knowledge underpins all society, he has tirelessly collected volumes of lore and investigated all manner of things, working as he does so on his yet incomplete book.

Since the onslaught of the drow, Torren has remained closer, as Sindil and others were tagged with rings in his absence, a crime he has found infuriates him as if she and all the others had been taken against their will. Despite searching for the drow parties, he has yet to see one, and has all but given up that hunt as well.

He currently fights fiercely a love for Sindil that has grown despite every attempt to stamp it out, only confused all the more by his failures to Ana and Alaha and his god standing in the way. His hatred of Aene has grown daily, at the same time he has found himself becoming more and more like the Seven Eyed god wanted and he had asked for when he lay dying. His soul has become steely, his once loose and undisciplined nature has been hollowed out, scoured away and leaving cold duty and keen intelligence behind. Aene does not listen to prayers nor seems to even notice the costs his servant pays, and Torren has grudgingly paid everything, including a life of happiness with Sindil, in order to be the servant to his uncaring god.

He stands as the Man in White, scholar, champion of Aene, friend to many, yet alone among all.



    Dislikes open doors.
    Wears white.
    Obsessed with conquering Mt. Sorrows
    Drinks only water, eats only bread and some vegetables.
    Never passes the charity box without putting something in.
    Hangs out in the Standing Stones.
    Likes snow- reminds him of Ana
    Does not stay in Port Sunrise longer than need be- reminds him of Alaha
    Does not stay around Sindil for very long- she reminds him of Aene, and what a mean god he is.
    Never refers to himself as a priest.
    Doesn't ask for Aene's blessing except when summoning.
    Does not like being touched.

Items of Sentimental Value:

A royal blue robe Sindil gave him to wear, never tried on, that she paid to have a hood attached.
The Holy Grail, an item he found in the orc caves and jealously didn't use on Kesa Bard after she died in the black dragon attack. He keeps it for no reason.
His Trade Guild items, as he designed them himself.
His book notes, which are everywhere in his pack.
A feather taken from a special druidic place, which he meant to study but instead uses as a bookmarker.


Additional Notes:

The working copy of Torren Han-Lyle's book can be found here:

A Moral Defense of Order


Who wills, can
Who tries, does
Who loves, lives
(Anne McCaffrey, 1978)

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