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 Post subject: Examples of approved religious bios
PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:58 pm 
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Example of answers to the religious questions from approved applications.

1. Your religious character's deity and faith.

Diety: Kuri - Lord of the Little

Conrad B. Fütz is a halfling from smallville, son of a merchant and a farmer, and is apart of Kuris divine mission to bring nobility and trust back into the world of Halflings and stamp out the timeless missconception of halflings as theives and rouges.

His devotion consists of acting on Kuri's principals of lawfullness and trust. He may be small, but he has the courage of any human paladin.

He rarly brings up Kuri in converstaion unless questioned about it or is given reason to. For intance, if he sees a halfing stealing he will proably wack said hafling with the dull side of his sword and will do his best to admonish him for his actions.

2. Character's current basic values.

He holds honor and trust above anything else.
He serves the crown without question, as long as they are adhearing to Kuri's values of trust and nobitility.

He has a problem with tall people carring large sticks (makes him nervous.)

Mildly zealous, but not evangelstic, he is capiable of critial thinking and is not entirly blind to other modes of thinking, however, he is slightly set in his ways.

3. Character's current typical behaviour.

Upbeat, like a halfling should be, but, also very focused and in controll.
He tends admonish other halflings for being overly curoious, and if he witness a fellow halfling perpetuating the idea of theivery he will often school them on their brash behavior.

Conrad primary goal is to first become trusted by the royal family, then knighted, (he really wants to be called 'Sir Fütz'), and then continue to spread the mission of Kuri.

Also, he would like to join a respectable organization (guild) that would aid him in his mission.

4. Class and level of the character ; alignment will need to be submitted as well.

Male Halfing Paladin
Full Paladin (lvl 20)
Lawfull Good

Conrad will proably wield a bastage sword (as if it were a greatsword) and wear tarnished heavy armour.
Also, when v.6 comes out, he will most likely been seen attendnig shows at the Theater, as he is a advocate of drama.

Example of answers to the religious questions from approved applications.

(This application was made according to the old format, but it's still an example of sorts.)

1. Character's deity and Character's faith.
(Private worship only)

The Unknown Warrior worships Odin, the all-knowing god of Justice. He believes himself in deep debt to Odin and can only repay this debt by sending as many evil creatures as possible back to the hell that spawned them. The Unknown Warrior shows his faith mostly by his actions, but is known to use his short prayers as war-cries.

2. Character's basic values , the way he/she looks at life in general.
(this means his/her CURRENT morals, life/death values...)

He is fair and just, although his deep compassion is not obvious at a first glance. A man of few words and harsh belief, Unknown believes the world is a place of torment which has to be endured until granted the Warrior's death and brought to Odin's table by the Valkyries. The fight against evil is all. Justice is all.

3. Character's typical behaviour , which way does he/she act and interact with others.
(this means his/her CURRENT behavior)

The Unknown Warrior is a troubled person whom does not often smile. He will go out of his way to fight obvious evil. He will always jump into any conflict on the side he percieves as good. Not much for smalltalk, but anyone who needs help against evil, will recieve it, unasked for or not.

Who wills, can
Who tries, does
Who loves, lives
(Anne McCaffrey, 1978)

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