Guidelines for ages by character race, and languages known
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Author:  niallmc [ Wed Mar 10, 2004 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Guidelines for ages by character race, and languages known

<edited by Mazuri Sennald - October 31, 2004>

The following should help you come up with some guidelines for the age of your character but please note the quote below.

Cornflower wrote:
Although, due to the extreme fluctuations in the interdimensional space-time continuum, you shouldn't assume that time is linear, that time runs at the same pace regardless of geography/gender/race/temper/love. That's all just superstition. Glorwing is a place where suddenly a city or a person can appear/disappear due to a fluctuation in the interdimensional space-time continuum (aka "rift").

The official timescale is time as it passes by definition in the Kingdom and has nothing to do with time as you and I percieve it in game.

Or short: If you're looking for logic and consistency in a world where people have wings, converse with animals or fight dragons, you're up for a great disappointment.

:arrow: Adult characters with no level cap beyond that of the server
Race ------ Adulthood--- Middle Age---Old---Venerable--- (Absolute) Maximum

Human --------- 15 ----------- 35 ------53-------70---------------110
Dwarf ---------- 40 ---------- 125-----188------250---------------450
Elf ------------- 110 --------- 175-----263------350---------------750
Gnome --------- 40 ---------- 100-----150------200---------------500
Half-elf --------- 20 ----------- 62 ------93------125---------------185
Half-orc--------- 14 ----------- 30 ------45-------60-----------------80
Halfling --------- 20 ----------- 50 ------75------100---------------200

Please note that Adolescent and Child characters may be given a level cap to keep them from growing as powerful as adult characters.

:arrow: Adolescent characters
Race ------ Adolescent

Human --------- 10
Dwarf ---------- 27
Elf ------------- 73
Gnome -------- 27
Half-elf -------- 13
Half-orc-------- 9
Halfling -------- 13

:arrow: Child characters
Race --------- Child

Human ----------- 5
Dwarf ----------- 13
Elf ------------- 37
Gnome ----------- 13
Half-elf -------- 7
Half-orc--------- 5
Halfling -------- 7

Author:  Cara [ Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

List of language widgets available:

Thieves' Cant


All characters get their racial language free.

A character can learn one additional language beyond their "native tongue(s)" for each natural intelligence bonus point they posses. For example, someone with 14 intelligence can learn up to 2 additional languages.. Only natural stats count here, not items or other buffs.

The character has to have a valid RP reason for picking up an additional language.. Valid reasons can be

- Always roleplayed in the past that he knew it
- Has something in his character bio / history where we had the opportunity to pick it up
- Has found a tutor, and the character states that they are studying that tongue.
- Gets it as a bonus language because of their class/race

If learning a language from scratch, the guideline should be 2wks RL time to learn it, once a suitable tutor is found.

Bonus Languages

These count towards the limit of languages known by intelligence modifier, however they can be learnt reguardless of intelligence modifier. For example, Tryn the half-orc ranger/sorcerer has an intelligence of 6, so can get ears for draconic and animal but nothing else. Mard the elvish monk gets elven automatically, choses celestial at level 20 and, because he has an intelligence of 14, can learn dwarven from his friend, but at that point can learn no more languages.

Clerics- can learn abyssal -or- infernal, if they are evil.. Or Celestial if they are good without needing a tutor.
Sorcerors- can learn draconic without a tutor.
Druids/Rangers- recieve animal free once they can summon an animal companion (level 1 for druids, 6 for rangers)
Thieves- automatically receive 'Thieves Cant'
Monks- automatically learn either infernal (if evil or neutral) or celestial (if good or neutral) upon reaching level 20 depending on their alignment.
RDDs - automatically know dragonic after they get their wings.
Half-orcs - recieve Orcish if they were raised by orcs.

Additional exceptions

Bards are allowed to learn one extra language, so Lian the human bard with intelligence 16 could learn 4 languages rather than just 3.

Characters may keep the language widgets they have even if they have too many under these rules, however could not learn new ones.

Author:  LongEarMage [ Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Guidelines for ages by character race, and languages known


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