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 Post subject: Timeline of Glorwing
PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 12:39 am 
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A note on time in Glorwing by it's creator:
Cornflower wrote:
Although, due to the extreme fluctuations in the interdimensional space-time continuum, you shouldn't assume that time is linear, that time runs at the same pace regardless of geography/gender/race/temper/love. That's all just superstition. Glorwing is a place where suddenly a city or a person can appear/disappear due to a fluctuation in the interdimensional space-time continuum (aka "rift").

The official timescale is time as it passes by definition in the Kingdom and has nothing to do with time as you and I percieve it in game.

Or short: If you're looking for logic and consistency in a world where people have wings, converse with animals or fight dragons, you're up for a great disappointment.

    Year - Event(s)
    0 - Opening of the rift, Port Sunrise is founded
    1 - The rift closes, the portals go active
    2 - King Victor Lumens I is crowned and exploration of the portals begins
    3 - Blacksilver founded and Flagg Thunderfist is name its first Mayor
    4 - Darkwoods claimed by the elves and their leader, Maglor Windsong of clan Windsong
    7 - Raven's Call is founded and a Council is established. Rilanach Daniolan the Third is named First Councilman of the City
    10 - Dry Town is founded in the once-fertile region around the portal
    20 - Delta is founded and Glebur Stemen is named its first mayor
    35 - Eagles Nest is founded by Tamira
    40 - Arbar is founded
    45 - Crescent Bay is founded
    50 - King Victor I dies, leaving no heirs. He named his Champion his successor and King Victor Lumens II crowned
    100 - Isendel is named Lord of Darkwoods ((Glorwing goes live))
    102 - King Victor Lumens II is killed by Sebastian, King Victor Lumens III is crowned
    104 - Hohtel Stonepriest is named Mayor of Blacksilver
    105 - Anen Tane is named Lord of Darkwoods
    108 - King Victor Lumens III goes to the hells and dies there. His son, King Victor Lumens IV returns and takes the throne
    110 - Ghalm Stoneaxe is named Mayor of Blacksilver
    118 - Princess Victoria Lumens is born, King Victor Lumens IV dies and ascends to join with the god Helm to become the Helmsman, Lord Anen Tane is named regent of the Kingdom
    120 - Great War, the Stones close for a year
    121 - Emergence, Arbar reappears, Eorna is discovered with Itari as Emperor, Dun Ammon arrives with Xerxes as its Sultan, Mabel McDuff is named Mayor of Blacksilver
    123 - Jax'isle Noctumez becomes Sultan of Dun Ammon
    125 - Edarinna is named Empress of Eorna after the murder of Itari
    128 - Queen Victoria Lumens is crowned, Bane becomes Sultan of Dun Ammon
    132 - Mabel Mc Duff retires, New Lyrun is discovered with Pren Vern as Vizier
    134 - Eorna sinks beneath the mists, Queen Victoria goes missing, Barony of Byrne is liberated and Mithreas is named governor, Vermillion Bay is discovered. Sultan Rahl Zieg is installed as ruler of Dun Ammon.
    135 - Anathema Al'Khalid takes the throne of Dun-Ammon, after killing Rahl Zieg. Victoria is believed never to be returning, and Lord Excelsus Kaveros Sennald ascends the throne of Glorwing after gathering the Regalia of Victor Lumens II.
    136 - A year of war. Blacksilver is declared a free nation by agreement between King Kaveros and Mayor Menion, who takes the title First Axe. Byrne holds off an attack from Liana, but demons from the desert engineer the fall of Dry Town. Blacksilver comes under siege, but with the aid of forces from Glorwing and Byrne it holds.
    137 - King Kaveros and Queen Mazuri lead Glorwing to victory over the witches who destroyed Dry Town, but later in the year are called away by the Lady of Light to serve Her. Sun Guard Commander Alyssa Nurell takes over as Regent of Glorwing. Skirmishes with Liana continue, while Dry Town is gradually rebuilt.
    138 - War continues, as the Free Nations form up to deal with the threat of Liana. The archmage Saerik leads the allied armies to a costly victory over Melki and Liana, but the Weave itself comes under threat from the use and loss of two massively powerful artifacts.
    139 - Regent Alyssa deploys the new Crown Guards on law enforcement duties, and the Sun Guards move to defend temples only. The infamous troublemakers Lugh and Aodh MacEire are finally taken in by the Crown authorities.
    139 - The Liana War
    139 - The merging of the Lady of Light and the Sun Goddess
    139 - The War Triad was formed.
    140 - A tentative peace sees most of the Liana refugees moving home
    140 - Dephin assumes tentative control of Liana
    140 - Candor resigns as Archmage of the Crown to just be an adviser
    141 - A new Sultan (Akar Al'Dorib) arises in Dun Ammon, the Bloodhand is disbanded and the Sultan begins the process of returning rule of New Lyrun to himself.
    141 - The Hora Family assumes control of Byrne
    142 - The Regent creates a team to investigate what happened to the island of Eorna
    142 - The Regent and Sultan Akar Al'Dorib's representative Assistant Chancellor Gemhud Hakkaim sign a trade treaty to bring the two nations to a common economic situation.
    143 - Liana closes its borders due to a "pandemic situation" in irder to "save the rest of Wilwarin from plague".
    144 - Early in the year, Dephin staggers into Port Sunrise seeking political asylum with news of a new High Priest taking over Liana.
    145-157 - A time of peace.
    157 - Eve's attacks on the realm breaks the peace that's been had for over a decade which has serious ramifications for years to come.
    159 - Open war between those who support the rightful heir to the Kingdom, and the Regent begins.
    163 - End of the Civil War.
    164-170 - Post-war peace.
    169 - A bright flash from the northern reaches of the Frosthorne region illuminates the night sky for one night. Within months, the Island of Eorna is rediscovered. Not long after that, the Academy of Arcane Arts begins its research on the newly discovered Temporia Isle.
    170 - Cassandra Lumens ascends to Queen of the Kingdom.
    170 - Current Year

Cities on the mainland

* Port Sunrise is the capital of the Kingdom of Glorwing. Currently is the largest and eastern-most city in the Kingdom and contains the Palace of the royal family (formerly the Lumens line, briefly the Sennalds, and once again the Lumens line), the main temple to the Sun Goddess, docks, Queensguard and Sun Guard Headquarters, the Engineer's Guild Headquarters, and Vigil's Keep, the Order Hall of the Praetorians..
Current monarch is Queen Cassandra Lumens.

* Blacksilver is a primarily dwarven settlement in the cold northern region of Wilwarin. This city lies in the midst of a mountain range mined and excavated by the dwarves who came through the Rift. It is an independent nation run by the First Axe and houses a fighting Arena, the Stone Sentinels, and the HordeQuarters.
Current First Axe is TBA

* Dry Town was originally a fertile settlement until the rift opened and drained the area rivers and water supply. Today, Dry Town is a desert community in the western region of Wilwarin with a land route to Dun Ammon. As part of the Kingdom of Glorwing, it is patrolled by Sun Guards and contains a barracks, merchants, and taverns.

* The Delta is a mosquito-infested swamp southwest of Port Sunrise along the coast. A part of the Kingdom of Glorwing, it is run by the local mayor. It contains a tavern, a boarding inn, and an outdoor communal area.
Current Mayor is Glebur Stemen

* Darkwoods is an elven community in the forests northwest of Port Sunrise. It is home to the Quiet God temple, Hostel, and the Astalderea Headquarters. The Darkwoods are led by the Elven Council and its Lord.
Current Lord is Anen Tane

* Eagle's Nest, the furthest north of the Kingdom holdings, is a city wrapped in snow year 'round. It is home to many small shops and a tavern. It is also the only land route to Arbar, the city of mages.

* Crescent Bay, the youngest settlement, is also a part of the Kingdom of Glorwing. It is home to the Cornerhouse Inn, the Halls of Erudition, and also contains an outdoor communal area.
Current Mayor is Chia Sensen

* Dun-Ammon was transported in it's entirely to the lands of Wilwarin following the simultaneous miscasting of a spell by many mages in an effort to protect the city. It is the furthest city to the southwest and is a desert community run by the Sultan and his bodyguard, the Nightblades. It contains the Cabal of the Grey Sisters, the Temple of the War Triad, underground ruins of the old city, and many merchants. There is a land route to Dry Town to the north, and another to New Lyrun to the south.
Current Sultan is Akar al'Dorib

* Arbar is a small village that lies roughly a days walk from Eagle Nest at the foot of the Winterwolf Mountains and on the shore of a frozen lake. Extremely tolerant of mages, this city was teleported from this plane and only returned after the Great War.

* New Lyrun is a recently discovered city on the coast south of Dun-Ammon. Not much is known about this city at this time other than it is growing quickly as trade lanes, over land and sea, open to it.
Current Vizier is Davram Vantran

* The Barony of Byrne was recently liberated from the rule of the lich, Daithi Byrne, by a band of adventurers. Once liberated, the nobles named one of their liberators as their new governor, though they remained on the ruling council. This changed when Byrne fell after the Evening Plague. Now, rebuilding, the people are once again led by a Baron, and enjoy the protection of the Crown as a vassal state.
Current Baron is Ventrian Byrne

Cities accessible by Sea

* Raven's Call is an independent city-state run by the Commission which lies on an island off the south-eastern tip of the continent. A bustling commerce center, it contains several shops and taverns.
Current Commission heads are TBA

* Vermillion Bay is a resort island discovered and maintained by a merchant consortium. Sandy beaches, exotic animals, and tales of pirates lend this area a charm and beauty like no other.
Owned and operated by Clarice Piaget, Vermillion Ltd.

* Port Heany is the main city on the island empire of Eorna. Eorna was largely spared in the great war as the gods had no powerbase upon the island. The Sun Church established a temple in the town of Port Heany but spiritually the people looked towards the Druid Queen, a person not unlike the High Priestess of the Sun Church. Few ever left the island and the first mention of it came from Raido Stormraven. Ruled by an Emperor/Empress, it was home to Wolf Clan, Bear Clan, the Forest of the Druid Queen, and Port Heany. Port Heany was the Main town upon the island containing a bounty office, a temple, and a tavern with exotic drinks found no place else. The Royal Hold was home to the current ruler.
Current Empress is Empress Marshtola

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 4:07 pm 
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Note - the above timeline is a useful summary. There's a lot (a lot) more info in the history forum!

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 Post subject: Re: Timeline of Glorwing
PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:17 am 
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Edited and updated!


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