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 Post subject: Bio Approval Process
PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:14 pm 
Glorwing Admin
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Posting a bio is optional to play on Glorwing, with only a few exceptions. If you wish to play any of the following, you must post a bio:

  • A Follower of Ravenos
  • a character with the Assassin PrC
  • a character with the Sacred Knight PrC
  • a character who is Chaotic Evil

Also, some DMs may require a bio for their events. Also keep in mind that all characters regardless of whether they have a bio or not must conform to the rules of the server. Specific to the portrayal of your characters, you may not reference or roleplay rape, incest, or suicide. Furthermore, this is not an erotic roleplay server, and we disallow such activities as well.

When you do create a bio for your character, these are the steps:

Step 1
Make a new topic in this forum. The heading must have the character's name only. Do not add any other information in the header beyond this.

Step 2
Technical Details. All bios must begin with the following details:

Character's Full Name: (What his/her parents or guardian chose)
Character's Preferred Name: (What s/he prefers to go by, and what you choose as the floaty name above it in-game)
Classes: (Starting class, AND anticipated additional classes, included PrCs)
Religion: (It is not necessary for all classes, but some classes require belief in a deity to take any levels at all)

Step 3
Tell us about your character. This is a subjective section, but vitally important. There is no questionnaire to fill out, and we will not provide one. How you describe your character is entirely up to you. However, we reserve the right to not approve characters if we feel you are attempting to portray something that is not supported by the game engine, is a disallowed race/class/alignment/etc. combination, attempts to portray something that is against the rules of the module, or any reason we feel requires intervention. We strive not to outright deny character concepts, and will make a good-faith effort to help you create something that's both interesting for you, and those you will interact with. Bear in mind that the more detail you have, the more we will scrutinize, but it is more likely to be approved.

Specific Notes of restrictions

Assassin: Because the rules do not allow for non-consentual PvP, an Assassin is a difficult class to portray by default without running into the server rules. For the purpose of the class, there are other options available: to portray the character as something very similar, but not a true Assassin (spy, infiltrator concepts), or to acknowledge she would not engage other PCs due to the fact that they are dangerous prey and success would never be guaranteed.

Last, all Assassins are evil. An Assassin that ever shifts alignment to non-evil must remove their Assassin levels. The only way to avoid this is to return to being Evil. You may contact a DM to resolve this either as a bio update story, or in a personal DM-run event.

Sacred Knight: Someone who takes a Sacred Knight (listed as Champion of Torm) must have a personal code that one adheres to which must be detailed in her bio. Furthermore, the Sacred Knight must be within one alignment step of her deity's alignment. If she ever shifts her alignment beyond this, the levels of Sacred Knight must be removed. This is the equivalent of a knight falling out of favor with her deity.

Follower of Ravenos: This is considered the ultimate Hard Mode concept of Glorwing. Along with a bio description, a player must consent to a permadeath stipulation, to be invoked by any Administrator-DM or the Lead-DM at any time (should she die under an invoked stipulation, the PC will be removed from her character list and no longer be available for play). Furthermore, should a Ravenite be discovered, she is to be considered kill-on-sight by guards of the realm. When word gets out about one, her life is a miserable hell.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil: Player must submit a PC bio for the purpose of consenting to a permadeath stipulation, which can be invoked by any Administrator-DM or the Lead-DM at any time (should she die under an invoked stipulation, the PC will be removed from her character list and no longer be available for play). Furthermore, despite being CE, the PC can not bypass the server rules against non-consentual PvP.

Step 4
Upon posting your bio thread, Staff will review it, and an issues we wish to discuss will be sent to you via private messaging. You will receive a response in your thread indicating you have a message. Please respond directly to the Approver who sent you the question (If you receive questions from anyone not listed as a Bio Approver about your bio, forward the PM to someone on Staff immediately, especially if that person is acting like a Bio Approver). If you make any changes based upon discussion with the Bio Approver, please bump your thread once you have made the changes. At no time will we discuss any issues openly to avoid any potential embarrassment.

Step 5
Approval or Disapproval. At no time during this process are you required to stop playing your character. So long as we find no egregious issues or rules broken with a character's bio after revisions, it is unlikely we will disapprove a character. Should a character be deemed as Disapproved, it will be removed from your vault and you will be asked to play something else completely unrelated.

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 Post subject: Re: Bio Approval Process
PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:44 pm 
Glorwing Admin
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Please note that the list of what requires a bio to be submitted has been updated.


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