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 Post subject: Only in Memory - The Isle of Eorna
PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2004 6:33 pm 
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By Edarinna

This is a new land that I have been exploring and knowing. The beauty of this place I find calming. Something so ancient about the lands that you can feel call to you. So pure and settling that seems to haunt my dreams, as I lie awake at night. At first, the people were skittish around me, as I would trudge out of the woods covered in blood stained clothes and an uneasy smile on my face. I have always been used to this though from people and would talk to those that wished to speak to me.

I found a wonderful statue in the Royal Hold where Itari lives. Seems that the statue is to remember those that have died and often I come there to speak with the king telling him about how much things have changed. Having no place to turn after he died I can at least find solace in this moment for a short time. It's nice to be able to talk with the kings that I failed to protect. Itari is a nice man and has done much for the island. He reminds me of Lou in many ways.

To the south of Royal Hold are some very odd creatures from another plane like most of the founders with port sunrise. These are Formians though and while they do not mean harm, they act like ants and just build. They need to be reduced in numbers to prevent them from attacking the Royal Hold itself. Not out of malice but because they are just expanding. It is troubling that Itari a man so important to the lands lives so close to what could be a death sentence.

Port Heany is the most stable area on the island. From what I have gathered from the few people that would speak with me. The port seems to be well founded in its niche. For years, the people of Eorna were unable to leave the island so a port was not needed except for fishing. I think that perhaps it was those seeking to escape the life in the clans and have more of a city life and not one so tied to nature. The clans of Eorna are very much tied to the nature around them.

Wolf Clan is perhaps the most level headed of the clans to be honest. The people seemed warmer and friendlier then other clans had been. I received some clothes from them after helping with a problem on their borders with some forest gnomes. Also, found some pixies to stomp so it was overall a good time with the wolf clan. Though their wolves sought to eat, Dunger I cannot have that.

The Bear Clan I just seems uneasy around them. The bears are huge and frequent. The guards seem sarcastic at times though I think it could be the location of the clan so near to the Lair of Maygore and Roarore a very nasty pair of dragons. They also suffer constant raids from Haksis and his tribe of ogres. Bear Clan also aided in the recient slaughter of another clan over land disputes. Raven Clan lost that battle but it cost both tribes dearly.

Near the lands of Port Heany, some have settled farms to support the town. They suffer constant attacks from a bugbear named Brokespear who lives in the nearby forest called the Bloodhorn Forest. I went to seek some hunting in those forests from the aberration that lived there. Bloodhorn deer have earned that name because of the blood that soaks their fur. I don't know what awaits in the depths of the Bloodhorn Forest but I can only imagine that the creatures will be more and more tainted by whatever tainted those deer.

The Forest of the Druid Queen is where the council lives. Other then Itari this is the true power of the island where people the truest connection to the nature around these people is known. They have issues with hook horrors to the south that have been warped by the magic of the wildwoods and rumors seem to indicate that Deathmarch played a large part into this. While I have never seen the Druid Queen, I have heard her whisper from the trees while I would out in her forests. Very unsettling to be honest, I have seen some dangerous foes but this druid if she wanted you dead the very trees would become alive and would hunt you down. Power perhaps as few wield this Druid Queen even makes Haze seem powerless.

Raven Clan I had gone to after talking with Raido all those years ago. I wanted to see if the rumors the people were saying about the lands were true and sadly, these lands are cursed as it was told to me. To get to the clan you need to pass the sight of one of the largest graveyards I have ever seen in my life. I have stood at the very mouth of hell when Victor the 4th came though and this battle field shocked me. I have never seen more dead at one time then I have graves in these fields. From what the people of Wolf Clan have told me this was the location of one of the largest wars on Eorna the battle of Raven and Bear. The people of Raven are cursed and do not rest. The Only thing that we can do is to burn their bodies as you kill them to end their torment. A temple is here but as of yet I have not found a means to enter it.

The wizard Deathmarch tossed this island into years upon years of slavery with his goblin tribes. Many others and I have attempted to kill him but still the bastage remains more of a cockroach then Valigant has proven to be. With the largest goblin tribe under his control and the golems that patrol his tunnels. I fear it will be only a matter of time until once again this fiend attacks and attempts to gain control of the island once more. Though I think this time, the island will be ready for him. They will not wish to loose all they have gained with their few years of peace as Deathmarch has hidden himself away in his mountains with his toys. He is a wizard of notable power that's for certain. Legends have it that this wizard is almost 2 thousand years old some foul magic must be keeping him alive I think. What could drive a man to do the things he's done I do not know. From what the Wolf Clan has told me is that his tale was lost to the ages but legends never die. So perhaps a means will be found to find the truth about the wizard of Deathmarch and what would drive a man to do all he has done.

I have found the lands of Eorna to be like a second home to me. I have started making a name for myself on the islands as a hunter. I have been sending people to the island as more and more work seems to be coming in. If the plans go well a bounty office will soon be opening on the island to help the people with the burdens that they face.

I even wrote a song about Eorna that I have been singing when asked. Never has a place made me feel so much at home after the king's death and the queen's leaving. I have only begun to touch upon the areas that are yet awaiting to be explored on this Island. Even now I long to see Eorna's shores...

(( By Montaugh ))

Who wills, can
Who tries, does
Who loves, lives
(Anne McCaffrey, 1978)

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